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  1. C’mon England, let’s reinstitute St. Georges Day as a national holiday, and a day to celebrate US – The English!! Why have we let this slide into almost oblivion, why should the Irish (Love um) have the biggest and best day??Support this and support your country, lets not forget who we are.

  2. Hi, I am retired and live in Spain. Ever since I have lived here (12 years) we have celebrated St. George’s day with our English friends. This year there will be 40 of us lunching, there will be speeches, a sing-a-long and a tribute to William Shakespeare. Because of the venue we use, we are limited to 40 pax and the event is sold out in 2 – 3 days. So yes, St George’s day should be a bank holiday – a day to celebrate being English – go for it.

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