About Us

You are one of many thousands of people in England that love their country and want to celebrate St. George’s Day with a bank holiday on 23 April. We are a group of unpaid volunteers that promote England’s national day and lobby MPs and local Councils to support the day.

England lags far behind the rest of Europe in the number of bank holidays we get. A bank holiday on St. George’s Day would be a great opportunity for all the English (regardless of colour, religion or sexuality) to recognise what binds us together.

Everything from football to fish & chips and cricket to curry could be celebrated on our national day.

Successive governments have debated the idea of a bank holiday for England, but none have made it happen.

In 2006, we decided to take 23 April off work as an ‘unofficial bank holiday’ and continue to do it now. We’d like you to join us. Book it as part of your holiday entitlement and celebrate with friends and family.

Why George?

St. George is a great role model for modern England. Born overseas, he has been welcomed by the English and integrated so well he is now an English icon.

His fame also spans two great religions; Christianity and Islam. He is the only saint to be mentioned in the Qur’an, where he is known as al-Khadr.

St. George is also referred to in some religious texts as ‘the bride of Jesus’, prompting some to suggest he should be the patron saint of same-sex marriages.

For more information visit our St. George page.

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