Day Off Work

Book the day off work on Wednesday 23 April, 2025.
Celebrate St. George’s Day!

You may not be working on Wednesday 23 April, but if you are please book the day off work and join thousands of others who want to make St. George’s Day a bank holiday. If we all take a holiday on the same day it will send a powerful message to those in charge.

If you are in a permanent job, you will be given paid holiday entitlement as part of your contract. We suggest you use one of those days to book the time off work.

If you are self-employed, we would encourage you to take a well-deserved day off and celebrate with friends/family – we appreciate it will impact your earnings and know we are asking a lot.

Please sign our St. George’s Day Pledge to support a bank holiday on 23 April. Thank you.

Please note the celebration of England’s national day takes place on 23 April every year. This is not to be confused with the Christian celebration that appears in Anglican and Catholic diaries, the date of which can move. For more details view ‘When is St. George’s Day’.

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