Book the day off work

Join thousands of others on Sunday 23 April 2023 and celebrate St. George's Day. Don't wait for the government to make it a bank holiday.

Who was St. George?

Is he real or just a myth? Did he really slay a dragon to save the Princess? There's more to St. George than we realise. Get the facts.

St. George events near you

Check our list and celebrate with others on 23 April. If you're organising a St. George's Day event we'll give you a free listing.

Stars cheer for St. George!

There's a host of famous faces lined up to wish you a Happy St. George's Day. Check out our gallery of St. George celebrities and be proud on 23 April.

When is St. George's Day?

St. George's Day is celebrated every year in England on 23 April. Say "Happy St. George's Day" to friends and family on England's national day. Take a look at our list of St. George's Day parades, events and celebrations and join the fun.

You may not be working on 23 April, but if you are please book the day off work. Join thousands of others who want to make St. George’s Day a bank holiday. If we all take a holiday on the same day, it will send a powerful message to those in charge.

Please sign our St. George’s Day Pledge to support a bank holiday in England on 23 April. Thank you.

Facts about St. George

Where was he born? Was he even real? Why did he kill a Dragon?

Well if he did exist, he was definitely born overseas. As a result, he is England's most successful immigrant. Born in a foreign land, he was welcomed by the English and integrated so well he became an English icon.

To discover more about this enigmatic man that everyone is talking about, take a look at our St. George page.
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