Organising a St. George event on a budget

Organising a St. George event on a budget

It may seem daunting but with creativity and resourcefulness, organising a St. George event can become an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone involved – including you.

St. George’s Day, celebrated on April 23rd, is a day to commemorate England’s patron saint, St. George. Known for his bravery and the legendary tale of slaying a dragon, there’s plenty of content for you to work with. Everything from a St. George Parade to Wheel-barrow Racing, Virtual Online Events or a Pub Quiz can be done on a low budget.

Here are some more ideas:

  • Knit and Natter; get people talking while they knit for England
  • Nine Men’s Morris; medieval board game competition
  • Inflatable sword battle; for kids and adults
  • Design a shield; for kids to express their artistic skills
  • Bake sale; bring a cake and raise money for charity
  • Hobby Horse Race; great fun for adults and children
  • Soft Archery; using kids bow & arrows in a test of skill
  • Selfies with hired St. George & Maiden costumes
  • Dragon Hunt; plant clues in a park and see who finds the Dragon
  • Puppet Show; great way to explain the story of St. George and the Dragon

This day provides a perfect opportunity to celebrate English culture, history, and community spirit.

Below, we outline steps and tips to organise a budget-friendly St. George’s Day event that captures the essence of this special occasion.

1. Planning and Budgeting

Start by determining the total amount you can spend. This will guide your decisions and help you avoid overspending. Be realistic.

Identify the essential elements of your event, such as venue, food, and entertainment, and focus your budget on these areas.

You could approach local businesses for sponsorships in cash or kind (e.g., food, prizes). Highlight the community and promotional benefits to encourage their support.

2. Venue

Consider holding your event in a public park, community centre, or local church hall that might offer free or low-cost rental for community events.

If the event is open-air, encourage people to bring their picnics, reducing the need for catering.

3. Decorations

Get creative with DIY decorations. Red and white are the colours of the day, reflecting St. George’s cross. Use inexpensive materials like paper and fabric to make flags, banners, and table decorations. You can download free St. George event decorations.

Involve local schools or community groups in creating art pieces for the event, such as dragon sculptures or themed murals, which can add a unique touch without costing much.

4. Entertainment

For entertainment, scout for local artists, musicians, or performers who might perform for a small fee or even for free, especially if they can promote their work.

Host simple contests or games related to the theme, like a dragon egg hunt for children or a best-dressed knight or damsel competition. Prizes can be donated items from local businesses.

5. Food and Beverage

Encourage guests to bring dishes to share. This not only eases the budget but also brings a variety of homemade English delicacies to the table.

If you opt for vendors, choose local food trucks or stalls that offer budget-friendly options. Some may agree to attend for free, earning through sales.

6. Promotion

Promote your event online through social media platforms and community groups. It’s free and can reach a large audience. You can also list your St. George event on our website, free of charge.

Remember to appreciate the power of community boards in local shops, libraries, and community centres for spreading the word.

7. Volunteering

A strong volunteer team can make a huge difference. Recruit friends, family, and community members to help with various tasks on the event day.

Summary of organising a St. George event

Organising a St. George’s Day event on a limited budget is achievable with thoughtful planning and community involvement. By focusing on the critical aspects of the celebration and leveraging local resources and talents, you can create a festive and inclusive atmosphere that honours the spirit of St. George and the values of courage, chivalry, and charity.

Remember, the success of an event is not measured by its budget but by the joy and memories it brings to those who participate.

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