A poem for St. George’s Day

Poem for St George's Day

We’ve had enquiries about whether there is a poem for St. George. A quick Google search for “poem for St. George’s Day” shows there are quite a few, but not an official one. So here is our contribution.

In lands of green and skies of endless blue,
A legend from the mists of time once flew.
A knight of valour, heart both pure and bold,
Saint George, his tale through centuries retold.

He rode through fields and over mountains high,
With lance in hand and courage in his eye.
The dragon fierce, with breath of searing flame,
Upon the village with such terror came.

The beast demanded tribute, day by day,
A maiden’s life, the price they had to pay.
But George, upon his steed of milky white,
Stood firm and faced the dragon in its might.

With faith as a shield and valour as his lance,
He did not give the beast a single chance.
A thrust, a roar, a battle fierce and dire,
Till dragon fell, extinguished of its fire.

The people cheered; their joy knew no bounds,
Saint George, their hero, had the dragon downed.
In every heart, his bravery instilled,
A symbol of the battles to be willed.

But more than just a dragon did he slay,
His deeds speak to us in a broader way.
A fight against the dragons of our time,
Injustice, fear, and every silent crime.

So let us celebrate Saint George’s Day,
Not just in jest but in a meaningful way.
For in each heart, a dragon lies in wait,
And courage, love, and kindness seal their fate.

Remember then, this knight of lore so bright,
And carry forth the torch of doing right.
Saint George’s Tale, a Beacon through the Ages,
A story penned in history’s noble pages.

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